Online legal advice

The Law Office offers electronic services. E-advice is addressed to people who need immediate legal assistance, if for any reason visit in the office is impossible or this form of contact is preferred by customer.

In order to obtain online legal advice , contact form has to be filled in.

  1. The description of the case should be precise, preferably confirmed by relevant documentation, which should be attached to your inquiry. In case of any doubt, the law firm will ask you to provide more precise information./li>
  2. After the review of the the legal status of the case, Law Firm will evaluate and provide the pricing of the legal service within 24 hours. since receiving the inquiry. Answer will also includes the expected date of order completion.
  3. If the pricing and the deadline are accepted by the client, the remuneration should be paid to the law firm’s bank account:
    Kancelaria Adwokacka Magdalena Tybor
    Ołpiny 148, 38-247 Ołpiny
    mBank S.A., No. 97 1140 2004 0000 3102 7930 8322
  4. After the payment has been credited, legal assistance will be provided within the agreed time and scope.

The Law Firm reserves the right to refuse to provide legal advice online in case incomplete information was provided or if the case will require a deeper analysis and electronic contact will not allow to provide reliable performance of the service. Law Office will inform customer of any reason for refusing the service.