The law office uses several settlement systems

The remuneration for legal services is determined individually for each client. Due to the variety of cases and their complexity, before concluding the contract, we analyze the case and adjust the amount of the fee to the expected workload of the lawyer. Payment details are precisely specified in the contract signed with the client.

One-time fixed salary

With uncomplicated cases or in cases concerning performing a specific legal act (such as providing legal advice, preparation of a letter or legal opinion), for the execution of a specific legal service, it is possible to agree with the client to one-time remuneration, which is payable in advance.

Hourly settlement

The amount of remuneration is determined by the number of hours worked by a lawyer during the execution of a specific order. The hourly rate is agreed individually with each client. During the hourly settlement, the lawyer’s working time is monitored and added as an attachment to the settlement document provided to the client at the end of each month.

Package Deal

The amount of remuneration is set as a fixed rate, paid monthly, regardless of the number of hours worked in this period. It is also possible to agree on a legal services package with the client, which includes a specific time limit for the lawyer’s work. This system is most often used when providing permanent legal services to business entities.

Bonus for success (Success Fee)

Some cases allow the client to agree on an additional remuneration because of a positive result of the case. This type of fee is divided into basic salary and a percentage amount depending on the effect achieved. This system allows you to reduce the basic salary and pay the remaining part of the fee only after a successful end of the case.

Mixed salary

Due to the variety of cases, sometimes it may be more convenient for the customer to combine different billing systems. The Law Firm is open to client’s suggestions and tries to find the most appropriate method of settlement.

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